What is a one night-stand and how to make it good?


No matter it is in a movie or in real life, you have definitely heard of the word one night hookup or one night stand. You might be wondering what it means or maybe you are thinking about trying it sometime, but not sure if it would be right for you. Regardless of the circumstances, the first thing you need to do is figuring out what it means.

What is one night hookup? Basically, one night hookup a type of sexual contact, in which you only see once and will never see each other again in the future. In other word, one night hookup is to engage in sexual activity with someone without any strings attached and you are probably not going to run into this person again. As a matter of fact, the word itself is pretty self-explanatory. It means this relationship only last for one night.

Does it only involve strangers? Although it is possible that you may encounter a stranger and go home with this person, not all BBW dating only involves people you never know. In fact, it is possible for two acquaintances to engage in a one night-stand, but it is just a one time thing without anyone taking responsibility or make commitment. After that night, they may be seeing each other again in their life, but they will move past it. 

Can a one night-stand develop into a real relationship? In most circumstances, one night-stand is still a one time thing without additional conditions, because in most cases, they are two strangers who will never see each other again. On the other hand, it is less likely for two people to consider it after they had hooked up with one another. However, there are definitely some people who just realized they want more with that person after that one night. For example, you had a one night-stand with someone and turn into friends with each other and then find that you are perfect for each other. Then you start to hook up date or establish an open relationship or even a monogamous one that could lead even lead to marriage. Anything is possible. However, if you want to use one night-stand as a way to get someone into a relationship with you, that is not the norm.

Is there any safety suggestion for one night-stand? If you are interested in one night-stand, you should firstly take the steps below to make this experience meaningful and safe. Take your mental and physical health as the top priority. Second, trust your instinct when choosing hookup place and let a third person to know where you are, especially when you are with strangers. Third, stay calm to make sure you have a clear mind that would be able to think clearly.

Should I tell this person that I am only interested in one night-stand? To prevent hurting feelings, you should better tell him/her how you feel and what your expectations are. This is good for both parties.