Some useful Ways to Make Males More Attractive


Two years after graduation, several of my buddies who played well came and asked me how to increase their male charm and succeed in dating girls. I couldn't hear it clearly at that time. And then, I knew the reason. My friend John, after chatting with a girl in a hookup dating app for half a year, wanted to make an appointment with a girl, but he didn't know how to do it. He was really shy. 

When a girl talked to him in college, he would blush. I was shocked. On the one hand, I thought he even liked to use hookup apps. On the other hand, he even talked with other girls online for half a year before asking her out. And today, I want to give important tips for boys of making you more attractive in front of girls.

The first tip is that boys must be strong and modest inside. You may be very curious about what I say. Some people say being strong and modest can exist at the same time. Totally wrong. On the one hand, you can truly express your inner feelings. You do not need to cover up and you can tell the girl you like that you just like her, you want to get her approval. You will try to make her like you. 

But at the same time, you should also be prepared to be rejected. I met a girl in a hookup dating app before. I have a good feeling for her. I sometimes say that I miss her very much and want to see her. But I won't force her to come to see me, because I don't want to control her and influence her life. If you like a female, you can totally let her know. But she has no obligation to respond to your likes. If you're rejected by a girl, be generous. There are many other good girls in the world. Of course, if you really like this girl, you don't have to be in a panic. 

There is still a lot of time in this way. On the other hand, boys should also be modest. Modesty here doesn’t mean lacking of self-confidence. On the contrary, generally speaking, confident men will know how to become modest because the inner heart is strong. You don't show you are excellent, because there are more excellent men than you in the world. Girls hope when they stay,they can be relaxed and happy with no burden. You can imagine no one wants to play with people who have been trying to control and look down on them.

The second tip is to avoid using too much emojis or auxiliary words of mood. We often use these for ease the atmosphere. But using them too often will gain different consquence. When a man asks a girl out with too much emojis or auxiliary words of mood, the girl may feel this man is not firm and he dares not undertake the pressure of invitation. As a result, the girl may think you are unreliable.

Please remember the two tips can best wish to you.